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We are moving!

Over the next few weeks our shop will migrate to a new website, independant of Project Immersion. With the success of our products so far it is time to turn the shop in to a business.

We will have some new products too, particularly for Flight Sim enthusiasts that want that extra piece of immersion at their feet.

The new shop is Quick Release Mounts for Sim Rigs or QR4Rigs for short and will be found at https://qr4rigs.com, on FaceBook, YouTube and eventually other Social Media outlets.


As the shop develops and I understand the common needs I will endeavour to build stock of the most popular items.

Most of the items in this shop are for our Quick Release System, allowing you to swap out controllers on your racing or flight sim rig in seconds. This by it's very nature allows you to declutter your simming enviroment and have just the controllers you need attached for the type of aircraft or car you are driving.

The video below demonstrates in real time switching between racing and flight controllers (five different iterations in < 10mins) on the wheel/yoke table in front, the foot plate, the sides of the seat and a mid mount for a stick controller, an extension for which can be found here too.

This shop is constantly under development as it is the result of me developing 'things' that help me along the way in my ever changing needs for better and more efficient immersion.

It is by no means complete and will constantly change as I come across new needs.

If there is something along similar lines that you find your self needing, or need one of my products tweaking to suit your setup, please reach out and ask by clicking on this link - Contact Us

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