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Dirt Rally. No Sway with NLM V3 in NonVR mode.
Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Smoothchat - Jul 12th, 2017 .
I was playing Dirt Rally in VR with the Next level Motion V3 and absolutely loving it.
Then I tried playing it in standard screen (non-VR) mode and I discovered that I have no Sway effect when in non VR.

I literally change nothing other than to plug/unplug my Rift.

With the Rift enabled, I get beautiful sway around corners. Without the Rift, I seem to only get Pitch/Surge, and no Sway.

Using the diagnostics tools, I see that there IS Sway data, but the platform is not responding to it.

No wonder VR seems so much better if that effect is missing when in nonVr mode.

I have reported this to Next level, but would rather get the info back directly to the dev team.

It could well be a bug in Dirt Rally, or a difference in the way it delivers the motion data between VR and nonVR modes.

Geez I wish we had a dedicated forum for this sort of stuff.

On a related subject, after playing Dirt Rally, I find that other race sims lack fine road bumps & rumble and they feel way too smooth. I notice this with PCars. Raceroom does a better job with occasional road bumps, but I am wondering if there is another racing sim which does a better job of the finer motion details to give more road "feel".
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