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98.5" Diag: What's My Best Options?
Discussion in 'All Categories' started by DougD - Aug 9th, 2016 .
Hello all! What a great site! I have learned so much about FOV and look to learn more as I get more serious about sim racing.

I have a Epson 5030ub projector. 1080p casting to a 98.5 inch screen. The screen is made of a special material to allow audio to passthru... my speakers are behind the screen. It works great and you can't notice the screendoor type effect unless you are real close.

Anyway, I have Project Cars on pc, plan to get Asetto Corsa on PS4 when it comes out, and maybe F1 2016. I also have played around in iRacing. I just ordered a seat and wheel mount... OpenWheeler I believe is the name. So I should be able to get a little closer now than where I was sitting on the couch. The problem is, I don't think I can get too close. I noticed the calculator only goes up to 50 inches. That's basically 4 feet. That is pretty darn close to a 98 inch diag 16:9 screen. Plus I think I would start to see a screen door type effect. I think I would be more comfortable at 6 to 7 feet.

Does 6 to 7 feet sound like it would work ok with a proper FOV? And speaking of proper FOV, what would that number be?

Is my setup even worth getting into sim racing?

re: 98.5" Diag: What's My Best Options? by Project Immersion - Aug 11th, 2016
Project Immersion
Project Immersion
Hi Doug,

If you halve the distance to screen and the diagonal measurements, you can calculate the FOV.

So at 6'6" from the screen, for AC the mathematical vFOV is about 34.23° and for pCARS the hFOV would be 57°.

I had an 84" wraparound screen placed around my wheel base and that gave great immersion at 26.5" from my eyes. I now have a slightly curved (almost flat to be fair) 65" screen but could not imagine having it further than 3' from my eyes, there would be too much of a peripheral loss for me. We are all different though and what works for you may be very different.

From what I have seen with sFOV with my setups and others, the key for the best immersion is having the screen as close to the wheel as you can.

Q. "Is my setup even worth getting into sim racing?"
A. Hell yes! Deep Immersion is just something that is important to me, it is not needed to have fun or be competitive, BUT can help if it is done right.
re: 98.5" Diag: What's My Best Options? by jean marc - Oct 27th, 2016
jean marc
jean marc

une television curved 49" hd 1920*1080 à 80 cm de mes yeux serait bon ?

re: 98.5" Diag: What's My Best Options? by Project Immersion - Oct 27th, 2016
Project Immersion
Project Immersion
80cm est un peu trop loin à mon avis, essayer pas plus de 60cm des yeux à l'écran et de la résolution 4k
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