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Curved TV and Sense of Depth
Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Pedro - Jul 2nd, 2016 .
Hello, first thank you for sharing all this great info.

I am going to buy a 48/49" tv for racing sims and I am looking into a curved one, since you have one I'd like to know if ou feel like it being curved improves the sense of depth while driving.

Thank you!
re: Curved TV and Sense of Depth by Project Immersion - Jul 2nd, 2016
Project Immersion
Project Immersion
Hey Pedro,

No I would not say it improves the sense of depth having a curved monitor, but it keeps the depth of colour more consistent between the middle of the screen and the edges.

re: Curved TV and Sense of Depth by Albs - Nov 15th, 2016
Hello ther mr. pix! I'm a real fan of your project, and at long last I managed to get a decent gaming pc (gtx 1080) and i'm playing AC with a 43" curved 4k screen. I'm at 68-73 cm from the screen so i use 40 to 42 degrees FOV in the game and the first time I tryed it i was asthonished with the sense of depth and immersion that i got. The thing is sometimes this sense of immersion tends to fade away, and maybe it's stronger in higher cars than in the lower ones, could it be related to the seat positioning option in AC (pitch maybe?) or is it more likely a slightly change in my distance from the monitor, or (3rd hypotesis) is it only myself getting used to the game?

Thanks in advance for your answer!
re: Curved TV and Sense of Depth by Project Immersion - Nov 15th, 2016
Project Immersion
Project Immersion
Hi Albs, Great to hear.

I would think that it's closest to No.3 out of those, but is actually No. 4... you need to upgrade the immersion level again(it's like a never ending virus). I would suggest Motion or VR or even both... depending on your need for gorgeous graphics over immersion.

I must admit, I have not raced on my 65" 4k screen since getting my CV1 as the immersion is just too addictive when combined with motion.
re: Curved TV and Sense of Depth by Albs - Nov 15th, 2016
Aww that's a shame! I tryed the DK2 in a museum (yes, a museum) and after the rollercoaster demo I had like 3-4 hours of motion sickness, so I don't think in spending my money on a VR headset right now. BTW i think you might be right, I might be gettting used to the game, but at the same time I think playing with the Pitch command in AC position is one option to optimize and enhance the stereoscopy-like effect you get with the right fov and the near monitor.. I'll let you know if I fix it (after chaning every pitch for every car)
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