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Geko vs Next Level Motion v2
Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by sebna - Apr 13th, 2016 .

First of all great site :) Very nice read.

If you do not mind how would you compare Geko and your current motion platform? In which way they differ? Are you missing any aspects of Gecko in NLM2 or is it all around improvement?

re: Geko vs Next Level Motion v2 by Project Immersion - Apr 15th, 2016
Project Immersion
Project Immersion
Hey seb,

Comparing the platforms is not the easiest thing to do just at the moment, well, not properly anyhow as I really have not spent enough hours on the v2 compared to the Geko, but I can give you my first impressions.

Both the Geko and the NLMv2 give fantastic immersion to sim racing and have small footprints the size of your seat.
Both rely on tricking your brain into interpreting G forces into real world simulated movements.
Both are relatively inexpensive
Both require the minimum in DIY skills to assemble into place or add to your rig.
Both are plug and play with simple software installation
Both move at approximately the same speed
Both benefit from the added sharpness of SimVibe/ButtKicker Gamer 2
Both have a limited (niche) user base with no central forum for community support/sharing of profiles etc.

Geko GS-105c
Can double up easy as an office seat
Silent in use
Creates no heat
Small footprint
All in one solution - no need for a rig if you buy the office chair version, and both versions have motion built in to the seat.
Simple software that is fantastic out of the box and easy to use.
Fantastic and fast in house support for hardware and software
Easily user serviceable with guidance from support

Takes a few hours for your brain to understand about resisting the forces rather than moving with them
Uncomfortable to use for long periods as your torso is pulled about your lumbar

Next Level Motion v2
Instant immersion and no brain training required as you are force to resist being tipped about
Can add your chosen seat for comfort
Can fit to almost any existing rig
Slightly higher range of movement
Tactile feedback built in, but still benefits from adding dedicated tactile hardware/software
Stays fairly still when not in use.
Highly configurable software, can be very intricate in detail.
Regular updates to software to fix bugs

Not silent in use
Fans (also not silent) are always on and I have had one fail on day 3 resulting in needing a replacement unit as it was not user serviceable. Took a month to get offered a solution.
Support is extremely slow - still waiting for a resolution of intermittent disconnects after 3 weeks on the new unit.
Clanking noise when tie-rods hit the frame ruins immersion (easily fixed with rubber washers to provide a bumper)
re: Geko vs Next Level Motion v2 by sebna - Apr 16th, 2016
Thank you very much for detailed impressions. It is all very interesting.

Do you still have the Gecko?

Are you prone to motion sickness? Did any of them caused motion sickness for you (would you say any of them is more likely to cause one)?

I have a lower back problem so I wonder if Gecko would not amplify it with it unusual aprach... but at the same time a bit of workout for this part of my back could bring an improvement.

How about the feeling of being moved around and steering wheel staying in one place? Did it ever caused you some problems with controlling the car due to limited control of steering wheel?


re: Geko vs Next Level Motion v2 by Project Immersion - Apr 17th, 2016
Project Immersion
Project Immersion
I don't have the Geko, it was sold last September.

I have not experienced motion sickness on either the Geko or the NLMv2. I put this down mainly to settings and correct FOV though as I have experienced motion sickness on other rigs that have the world movements all wrong and out of whack with the motion movements or totally wrong FOV. I find as long as my brain see what it is supposed to see then I don't get motion sickness at all.

If you have lower back problems, my advice would be to steer clear of the Geko. It was one of the main reasons I sold it on as I have a bad back/neck from injury years gone and the Geko did not make it any better for sure, quite the opposite.

The feeling of being moved around on both platforms is not what you expect, the range of movement is not massive so you are always in contact with all the controls and the NLMv2 feels natural right away. The Geko on the other hand takes time for your brain to be trained initially and also at the start of each session, it's not natural movement, but once your brain gets it, it's really great.

Both simulate G-Forces just like you experience on track IRL and the steering wheel and pedals in a real car don't move around the cockpit either. The movements for both does not simulate the car's movement and that's what most people just don't get, they simulate the G-Forces being applied to your body.

The only real way to understand is to try it for yourself.
re: Geko vs Next Level Motion v2 by sebna - Apr 23rd, 2016
Is there any speed difference between the two? I heard a lot of motion rigs have problems with delay in presenting effects is this the case with any of those two?
re: Geko vs Next Level Motion v2 by Aaron 1/2 Acre - Jun 3rd, 2016
Aaron 1/2 Acre
Aaron 1/2 Acre
Fantastic site, thank you for being so thorough! I wish there was one just like it for flight sim. Here is an off the wall question for you as you have tested both seats. What if you fastened the Geko to the NLRV2? With software tuning, would it be more immersive or just plain confusing? Theoretically, if they worked well together, you could have quite an immersion experience. Love to hear your thoughts.


re: Geko vs Next Level Motion v2 by Project Immersion - Jun 3rd, 2016
Project Immersion
Project Immersion
@sebna I have not noticed any delays on either.

@Aaron 1/2 Acre The Next Level Motion v2 is for Flight sims too and works really well with most popular titles that have motion output like Flight SimX, DCS, IL-2 and X-Plane. I have the flight pack for the GT Ultimate v2 and use it with Elite Dangerous, which does not have motion output, but the software allows you to map your yaw, roll and pitch (or any input) from your flight stick to control the motion and it's fully tweakable.

As far as combining the two platforms, that would be horrible and one would have to get input after the other, so there would be a slight delay (albeit fractional). The Motion platform should always get the first input of any device to avoid any delays and having 2 of them together would not compliment each other at all. Maybe you are confusing the Geko with the G-Seat?
re: Geko vs Next Level Motion v2 by Doogie - Sep 6th, 2016
Hi MrPix
Did you ever solve the issue of Intermittent Disconnects?
I have the same problem Have emailed back & forth with NL but still not sorted.
Mine seems to happen in the forward position & it will stop for a second or so, you'll hear it click back in.
Have tried changing Usb drivers & ports, Spike protection Different cables ferrite etc. have also found upgraded quality cables to be a sloppy fit in the Usb B socket!
Any Thoughts?
re: Geko vs Next Level Motion v2 by Project Immersion - Sep 6th, 2016
Project Immersion
Project Immersion
Hi Doogie,

Yes I did. I replaced the motherboard and the PSU and have not had a disconnect in the past 4+ months. I too use a top notch USB2.0 double ferrite protected shielded cable and it is a solid fit on both ends, but until I replaced the PC components I had many disconnects, just in the manner you describe: it would flop forwards then either click back in, or I would pull the cable in/out.

Have you updated to the latest software/firmware? There were some improvements made in June/July to the priority of the USB and the algorithms in use.

re: Geko vs Next Level Motion v2 by Doogie - Sep 6th, 2016
I have ordered that cable as it can't hurt to try another.
My motherboard is Asrock z97m pro4, i7 4790k(not overclocked), Psu Antec 750w gold(overkill for my system), Usb3 controller is Intel. Turned off usb3 & removed drivers so running as usb2 with Microsoft standard drivers, as part of elimination process. Yes running software v1.51 & have tried latest bios + an altered version they have sent me...
What was your problem Motherboard & Psu? & what are your current ones?
Thanks for your help Doogie
re: Geko vs Next Level Motion v2 by Project Immersion - Sep 6th, 2016
Project Immersion
Project Immersion
Hi Doogie,

I had had a power outage about 7mo ago and had noticed a few problems with USB devices from around that time, I don't know if it was a coincidence. My PSU was about 8 years old and my X99-S motherboard was still under warranty so I sent it back and a fault on the USB ports was confirmed by the reseller and replaced. I gave the replacement to my son and bought a Sabertooth X99 and a new SuperFlower PSU at the same time. Full PC specs are here
re: Geko vs Next Level Motion v2 by Doogie - Sep 7th, 2016
Hi MrPix
Thanks for the advice, If I don't post back assume it's not fixed & I'm using it as is! If I do find the root to my problem I'll post back here for the benefit of others....Next things I'll try are bios update if available for my MoBo & I also have another PSU I can try
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