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Viewing angles...
Discussion in 'All Categories' started by Richard Freeman - Mar 10th, 2016 .
Richard Freeman
Richard Freeman

Came across your site - it seems we've been thinking down similar lines - I have a gs105 and projector set up (now disassembled) and have decided to move to a low-lag tv arrangement.

I'd identified the 55ju7000 - on the basis that the viewing angle of this IPS set is considerably better (37 degrees) than the 7500's VA screen (17 degrees).

Do you find you get any image wash-out or darkening at the screen extremities when you're sat 26" away? All of samsung's 65" sets have VA screens which is why I'd not considered them... But having watched your video I can see the appeal! I just wonder if you suffer from the restrict viewing angles?

re: Viewing angles... by Project Immersion - Mar 10th, 2016
Project Immersion
Project Immersion
Hey Rich,

I tested many 4K monitors and TVs over the past 2 - 3 years of various sizes and nearly went for the 55" 7100 model when it came out, but it was a bit laggy, could not do 4:4:4 chroma and a bit small compared to the PJ to make the jump... 6 months went by and the 7500 was launched... and I tried the 55" and 65", both super fast WRT input lag and both superb quality once dialled in and both can do 4;4:4 chroma!

I can honestly say that I don't get any wash out at all at 29" away and any closer is too close for my rig, but I doubt it would change anything with regards to picture quality if I could.

There is some cloudy bits around the edge, but again, not noticeable at all unless I'm watching a movie with black bars top and bottom and have a bright scene.

I do not have any buyer's remorse or regret that I paid 30% more then the asking price now 8 months ago, it has been worth it so far!

As far as viewing angle goes, you should be at 0 degrees when racing, so there is no viewing angle to compensate for... and for movies, I would not put a curved TV in a large room, but I have a sofa parallel to mine and is 2m long, 1m either side of center and the picture is perfectly good sat anywhere on that

re: Viewing angles... by Richard - Mar 10th, 2016
OK thanks Paul - that's great to hear! The 7500 does seem to be the fastest around and the slight curvature can only help.

So now it's just a case of 55" or 65"....! The new KS models are just about to hit the market so the JU/JS are presumably in run-out mode (with prices to match).

To change topic - why did you sell your GS105? I've not used mine much at all as soon after I got it the 'mancave' project kicked off and the rig was dissassembled.

re: Viewing angles... by Project Immersion - Mar 10th, 2016
Project Immersion
Project Immersion
I wish I had not sold it in some ways to be honest. The odd occasion I had to use the support from Julien, it was almost instant and the comms were tight and the product was solid. I can't say the same about the crew or the products I have gone with unfortunately.

The reason I sold the Geko was because it was the office chair variety and I wanted a rig based chair. I probably should have just gone for a wheel/pedal/monitor stand in hindsight.

I'm putting a review of my current rig together presently, so won't go in to any detail here... just know that for 2DOF, the Geko certainly has it's merits over some of the other alternatives.
re: Viewing angles... by Richard - Mar 10th, 2016
OK thanks - I'll look forward to that.

I got the Geko without the swivel stand - so it's a bit lower also. I'm hoping to put buttkicker/simvibe on it and find some way of mating it with a wheel/pedal stand. It needs to be able to be easily removed also as it can't be a permanent feature in the middle of the mancave!

Sorry to hear about your experiences with the other lot - I contemplated them as well but went with the Geko before their new product came out. Anyway - I look forward to the review!
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