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Right Size TV?
Discussion in 'All Categories' started by MESB - Feb 4th, 2016 .

I am planning to buy a new TV to use for movies and gaming. I will be using my sim chassis with it as well and I was wondering if there is like a "sweet spot" in terms of size for sim racing? I am planning on buying 55" or 65" and I am worried that they might be too big and the experience might not be adequate compared to a smaller TV.

What do you guys think of 4K for sim racing?


re: Right Size TV? by Project Immersion - Feb 4th, 2016
Project Immersion
Project Immersion
Hi MS,

The bigger the better and at 40"+, 4K is a must IMHO.

I have had 28", 40", 55" and now 65" Monitors and TV's all in 4K and the only one I'm happy with is my current screen Samsung UE65JU7500. Make sure you read up on whatever you choose WRT 'input lag' because getting this wrong will spoil your experience.

I settled on 65" as the pixels were not visible to me at 27" from eyes to the TV screen and on this set as the measured input lag is between 17ms and 21ms depending on review, which is excellent for a TV! I went for a curved set because I could, no other real reason although it may help a little with the edges being pointed slightly towards me as I'm always in the middle, whether racing, flying or watching a movie.


re: Right Size TV? by MESB - Feb 4th, 2016
Thank you! How far away your eyes sit from the screen?

Dont you feel the wheel size and everything else just looks too big in the 65 inches?


re: Right Size TV? by Project Immersion - Feb 4th, 2016
Project Immersion
Project Immersion
Hi Ms,

No problem. I sit 27" eyes to screen for racing.... and move my chair back 6" for flying/Elite D and sit on the sofa behind the chair (with the chair swung to the side) at 70" for Movies (which is a cinema feeling :))

Regarding the size... if the FOV is correct, it's 1:1 - Judge for yourself: here
re: Right Size TV? by MarkS - Feb 4th, 2016
Interesting. do you really see pixelating?
re: Right Size TV? by Project Immersion - Feb 4th, 2016
Project Immersion
Project Immersion
@MarkS - No I do not. What drew you to that conclusion?
re: Right Size TV? by CHL - Aug 25th, 2016
Hi, may I know that the relationship of 1:1 with size of TV/Screen? It appears to me that when we set the fov correctly, AND with screen 65", we can get the 1:1 super FOV? I used to think that once we set the correct FOV, we should get the 1:1 scale already, no matter which size of the screen is. Would you please explain more ? Thanks!
re: Right Size TV? by Project Immersion - Aug 25th, 2016
Project Immersion
Project Immersion
Hi, yes you are right. 1:1 is achievable with any screen size if the FOV is set correctly, that's the whole point... BUT with small screens you don't get to see a lot around you. The info is already on this site, so no point re-writing it.. here
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