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Calculator distance to screen limited to 127cm
Discussion in 'Field of View Calculation' started by George - Feb 24th, 2018 .
Firstly, thanks for your great FOV calculator tool! However, I use a 60 inch TV and my eyes are about 180cm away, but the tool seems limited to 127cm. Can I manually type in my distance number somewhere? If not, could you disable the limit to assist users with larger screens/projectors who typically sit further away?

Also, which FOV type is used by Project Cars 2 (same as PCars1?) and by F1 2017? Thanks a lot!
re: Calculator distance to screen limited to 127cm by Project Immersion - Feb 26th, 2018
Project Immersion
Project Immersion
Currently there is no way of manually entering the distance number or size of monitor, nor would it be possible to disable the limits. I designed it based on the goal of immersion in the days when I used a projector and now I have a 65" TV and it works perfectly fine for immersion still. Maybe I'll add a link to another page in the near future for the outliers like yourself as the fov calc is designed and perfectly suitable for 95% of the most common configurations.

For the meantime, to calculate FOV's with distances or monitors beyond the limits of the tool, it is fairly simple. Just halve the distance and halve the diagonal monitor size. So for your calculation of a 60" 16:9 TV at 180cm away, use 30" for the monitor size and 90cm for the distance. It will give you the same FOV. In pCARS it would be 40° hFOV and for vFOV games/sims it would be ~23.5°. All that said, I would certainly recommend getting as close to that TV as you can and mounting it just behind the wheel :)

I'm not sure about F1 2017 and pCARS2, I would assume that F1 2017 is the same as F1 2016 (vFOV) ... I do not own it and have no intention of doing so unfortunately. pCARS2, I assumed it was the same as pCARS 1, I have not got 3 screens to test with, but for a single screen it certainly is.
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